Rilem Tube Test


The Rilem Tube test is a simple field test that measures water intrusion in masonry materials. It simulates driven rain @ 94.8 MPH. 

A goal of our 2016 rehab of the Hasting's Building was to preserve and highlight the building's original 1905 brick construction. In the late 1930s, the brick was covered with stucco and, over the years, the windows boarded up or filled in.

During our restoration work, the openings were uncovered, and some of the brick exposed. The plan had been to re-stucco the unearthed brick but we liked how the brick revealed the layers of the building's history.  And, so, decided to leave it unmasked.  

The Rilem Tube test confirmed that the brick's protective patina had worn off.  So, we treated with Prosoco's Sure Klean Weather Seal - a weather repellent, consolidation treatment - to strengthen the weathered surface.