Tile & Where to Find It?


Our list of "go-to" tile shops are ones we've sourced tile from for years - see sidebar.  But there are lots of beautiful offerings available on-line too.  I've listed some of these below, but buyer beware, sometimes during a build, there is no substitution for working directly with a brick and mortar store. 

The thing is that tile, like wood flooring and cabinetry, is one of the most expensive interior finishes installed in a space. So picking an option that ages gracefully in style and durability is important.  There are also important functional and practical considerations to keep in mind.  While not a comprehensive list, here are a few: 

  • Appropriateness of location: Is the tile you love rated to be installed on a floor or only walls? Be sure to check with the manufacturer before buying.

  • Tile layout pattern: There are so many options: 1/3 offset, diamond on point, basketweave, running bond to name a few.  Be sure to review the particulars of your installation with the manufacturer.  Case in point, some large format tiles come with a camber and can look pillowy if laid out on a floor in a stacked pattern.
  • Edge and intersection details: Figure out your transition details before you buy! Is your tile a solid body color or available in bullnose profiles? Do you plan to cap cut edges with a Schluter Strip or U-Channel detail?  Neglecting these details upfront can result in a less than perfect install that doesn't capture the look you wanted.
  • Grout: Beyond the color, know the pros and cons of each type, i.e. sanded, unsanded, epoxy.  And consider the grout size you'd prefer as most manufacturers specify a minimum spacing between tiles.  

Beyond the practical, we are always on the hunt for new inspiration such as we've seen from: 

Fireclay Tile
Cle Tile
Heath Ceramics
Popham Design

Please send us suggestions of your favorites too!


These local shops are listed in no particular order and they all stock a versatile selection of bold and subtle tiles in a variety of patterns, colors and textures.