The Return of Patrick


Welcome back, Patrick! Though of course, you never really left us - thankfully! 

Patrick is our local authority on ancient Greek and Latin literature, computers, and a go-to for construction and design. He has been with us - on and off - since 2006 and is our de facto IT manager - helping us maintain and navigate the inner workings of our servers, workstations and networking devices. 

Luckily, we were able to woo him back to full time.  These past few years, he has been manning his own design-build firm with a focus on restoring the glory of older Craftsman and English Garden Style (Tudor) houses in Seattle's inner neighborhoods. His design work was oriented towards designing and permitting remodels of older homes and styles; typically opening up older hermetic house plans to both space and light, and adopting those houses to how we live today, without destroying the pleasures of their high-quality materials, history, and workmanship.  His construction work centered on small craft-oriented design and restoration projects. 

While running his own business was fun, he noted: it was also difficult juggling both the work and management of a wide range of ever shifting overlapping projects. Lucky for us, the lure of getting back to a more consistent schedule proved too great.  We are excited to bring Patrick back on board where we can put his excellent skills to work! 

teamFloisand Studio