Pagliacci Support Center is Under Construction


Construction at Pagliacci Support Center is in full swing! Located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, this project conjoins two abutting parcels into one development site that allows free-flowing pedestrian access between them. Three separate tenant spaces are accessible by Pike Street, the largest including a new Pagliacci restaurant.  Above the new restaurant, Pagliacci offices are undergoing remodel and expansion to include a new call center, training center, and gym.

The design strips back a hundred years of surfaces leaving the building’s original structural elements to define the new spaces. In addition, new steel moment frames, steel X-bracing, grouted micro piles and anchors improve the buildings seismic design. Furthermore, a new window system integrated into the buildings shell meets today’s energy code requirements, promoting energy preservation and efficiency.

The new restaurant design involves the greatest amount of changes to the existing site. Floor to ceiling windows lighten and open up the new dinning space. The corner façade pulls back to create an angled entrance. Preserved wood beams and ceiling joists remain visible to remind visitors of the building’s past. We are excited to see the existing structure begin again, redefined but still very much connected to its history.

Sam Sheffer