Designing a Custom Table


That architects love to design is not news. Beyond schematic planning and design development, a good many of us absolutely relish the nitty-gritty details. How a building comes together. How water is kept out. How accents—light fixtures, door handles, trim, masonry, cabinetry, furniture, etc.—come to shape the space.

In collaboration with local craftspeople and furniture builders, Floisand Studio has designed custom benches, countertops, light fixtures, and tables over the years. These custom furnishings add another layer of depth by connecting a project’s overall design to its smallest details.

For the new Pagliacci in Sammamish, WA, we designed a prototypical table for the dining area. Laser cut and folded from a single sheet of steel, the tables hold walnut wood inserts—for heft and balance—that match the dining room’s benches, counters, service bar and soffit.

To accommodate flexible seating arrangements, the steel table is also notched and bent to create handles. Staff and patrons can lift, shift, and combine tables as needed.

Thanks to Michael Northrop and the crew at Metalworks and Design Studio and Richard Hulett at Shoreline Cabinets.