Pagliacci Madison 

At the nexus of busy arterials just south of Washington Park Arboretum, Pagliacci's artisan pizza restaurant and delivery kitchen is strategically placed on a small trapezoidal parcel between a public utility main that crisscrosses the site to the west and a steep landscaped slope to the east.  The challenge to creating this destination eatery was to cope with the site's unique development constraints while capitalizing on the neighboring urban greenery. Windows wrap the north end connecting the dining space to the neighborhood and arboretum.  The kitchen, bathroom, and office core are enclosed by a wall that is part frosted glass windows, part trellis, signage, and light fixture.  A bright red roof enclosure masks the restaurant's substantial mechanical equipment from the street, while providing color in contrast to the verdant surroundings. 

Seattle | New Construction
Built in 2013

The Stranger