Pagliacci West Seattle

One of Pagliacci Pizza’s earliest locations, this store was remodeled in two phases, first refreshing the marquee sign and entry door and second by expanding into a neighboring space to add a front counter, dining area and bathrooms.  New accordion doors and windows were fitted to the existing envelope and the building resided.

While measuring and documenting the building – an early step in the design process called “as-built” drawings – we discovered that the store lacked a roof diaphragm.  The diaphragm is a structural element that typically helps a building resist seismic, or earthquake, forces. Pagliacci had not planned to replace the existing roof, so instead we proposed to install white washed plywood panels to the underside of the roof rafters to act as both the diaphragm and the finished ceiling. We laid out recessed linear LED lights within the staggered plywood pattern. And in an unusual act of whimsy (at least for us), we placed acetate butterflies arranged around small LED accent lights on the ceiling and walls. The counter tops are fabricated from laser cut stainless steel plate. The front counter is clad in sculpted red oak panels that were cut using a 3-axis CNC router. The booths and benches were assembled using inlaid brass strips and screws similar to techniques used in wooden boat construction.

Seattle | Remodel & Expansion
Built in 2014