West Mercer 

Sometimes the process of remodeling is iterative.  That was the case for our West Mercer clients, who undertook a master bath remodel, which sparked an interest in a larger remodel.  That was where we came in.  With a portion of the second story already complete, we turned our attention to the rest of the home.  Built in the 1970s, the home had low ceilings, closed-in, compartmentalized rooms and a funky footprint.  On the main level, we opened up the living spaces to play down the low ceiling and added 160 square feet to make the space more free flowing and suitable for a modern family that enjoys playing music together.  We added a new covered entry porch to create street presence and minimize the existing garage, modernized the exterior and reworked the low lying roof on the original home with a new vaulted roof.

Mercer Island | Remodel & Addition
Built in 2011